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Drug Prevention Student Testimonials

Abigal from Roton Middle School
Andrea from Roton Middle School
Arielle from Ponus Ridge Middle School
Aubriana from Nathan Hale Middle School
Jacob from Ponus Ridge Middle School
Jennie from Nathan Hale Middle School
Olivia from Brookside Elementary School
Talia from Brookside Elementary School

Matthew – Student “I loved Sunny’s Story. It taught me how to not keep secrets from my parents. I will never do drugs because I know what will happen to me.”

Brittany – Grade 6 ” Sunny’s Story has helped me to know more about the dangers of drugs. Now I can talk to my younger brothers about drugs when they get to be my age.”

David Hay, Principal “Educators and parents need to be as strong in voice as Sunny is in the story. This story has to be told and it will save lives.”

By J.M. Sibley “family man” “As a person who places the family unit as the highest of importance, I strongly recommend this wonderful book. This is a real life story, told by the family dog Sunny, about how a boy struggles with drugs. The progression of use changes the boy, Ian, and the relationships with his family, friends and school. The book leaves a lasting impression and will open the door for conversations between adults and children. The book was read by our Church Youth Group and it led to an evening dedicated to this topic. I have given copies to all my brothers and sisters and many others as well!”

Helen Seplowitz, Grandmother “Sunny’s Story is absolutely required reading to and/or for your child at the earliest age when the inherent dangers of illegal substances will be unfailingly presented to her/him. It is simply a matter of proactively taking a quick pleasant step that can avoid a potential tragedy. And don’t forget to repeat as needed.”

Michael Petrucelli, Founder DadsForKids.org “A very powerful story that really hits home. This creative short story is an insightful journey told through the eyes of Sunny, Ian’s beagle. Sunny shares a passionate story of the joys and pain that he saw each day as Ian was growing up. Sunny wanted so much what we all want ‘the best for our children’. I was deeply touched by this insiders look at the important messages shared by Ginger Katz through Sunny’s eyes. None of us are shielded from the crazy environment our kids are exposed to. This heartfelt and gripping story needs to be experienced by all.”

Dominick Splendorio, Health Educator “Sunny’s Story is a perfect way to introduce the sensitive topic of substance abuse to children. I have been a health educator for many years, and have found that facts alone do little to change behavior. This book combines some factual information about the downward spiral of substance abuse as seen through the eyes of the family pet dog, Sunny. It engages the students from the outset and keeps their attention throughout. It tugs at the heart and has a clear but simple message: substance abuse can affect anyone. Sunny’s story can be a great addition to any substance abuse program.”

Drug prevention: To have Ginger Katz bring the Courage to Speak® Presentation to your school or community; or to learn more about the Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Curricula that includes Sunny’s Story, please call (877) 431-3295 or email gkatz@couragetospeak.org.

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