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Drug Prevention A Parent’s Testimonial

Greg Garland, Parent “All parents should buy this book, read it to their young children and keep their copy on a prominent bookshelf. It can then serve as a constant reminder that we must all be vigilant against drugs. Doing so, in your home, could save a life you love.”

It is always sad when a child dies. Drugs – an alluring but deadly temptation faced by children every day – is an avoidable killer. That fact only makes those particular stories even more horrifically tragic.

Ginger Katz found a way to tell her family’s true story, her young son’s death by drug overdose, in a way that brings children directly into this important dialog. The first-person in her story isn’t even a person, it’s the family dog: Sunny. Sunny struggles to make sense of a senseless death and of the loss he feels long after the overdose.”

Katz’s inventive narrative and writing style enabled me to share this book with my two daughters (age 11 and 9) in such a way that they heard, understood, and now remember this Lifesaving message. My kids, like yours, are unable to escape being tempted by drugs. Drugs are everywhere. My hope and duty, as their father, is to teach them how to be strong and knowledgeable enough to choose wisely and say NO each time they are offered even gateway drugs.”

Dr. Salvatore Corda, Superintendent “Ian’s story, told through the eyes of his dog, Sunny, will help children understand how even ‘good kids’ can fall prey to the lure of drugs.

Ian’s tragically lost life is still doing good by the commitment of his parents to help young people and their parents understand that the danger never stops and having the courage to face the hard issues is the only way to keep our children safe.”

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