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A Bash
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Great book – very inspirational – ordered more from the Courage to Speak Foundation!!!
Dr. Grace Bellotti
4.0 out of 5 stars The Courage To Speak
Sunny’s Story, a loving tale of caring and devotion as told by a Beagle, embraces a shattering message about the tragedy of a life too short while it points a way to keep it from happening to you and yours.
This book, avoids lecturing to tell thoughtfully and believably about the horrors of child drug addiction and a way to avoid them.

It quietly persuades through Sunny’s eyes that the simple, proven acts of keeping close and aware of your childrens’ activities and learning how to speak to them can save their lives and preserve your own.
This is important reading for the three generations of every family.
G. Garland
5.0 out of 5 stars Sunny’s Story

It is always sad when a child dies. Drugs – an alluring but deadly temptation faced by children every day – is an avoidable killer. That fact only makes those particular stories even more horrifically tragic.

Ginger Katz found a way to tell her family’s true story, her young son’s death by drug overdose, in a way that brings children directly into this important dialog. The first-person in her story isn’t even a person, it’s the family dog: Sunny. Sunny struggles to make sense of a senseless death and of the loss he feels long after the overdose.

Katz’s inventive narrative and writing style enabled me to share this book with my two daughters (age 11 and 9) in such a way that they heard, understood, and now remember this Lifesaving message. My kids, like yours, are unable to escape being tempted by drugs. Drugs are everywhere. My hope and duty, as their father, is to teach them how to be strong and knowledgeable enough to choose wisely and say NO each time they are offered even gateway drugs.

All parents should buy this book, read it to their young children and keep their copy on a prominent bookshelf. It can then serve as a constant reminder that we must all be vigilant against drugs.

Doing so, in your home, could save a life you love.

Ellen Seltzer
5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read…
Sunny’s Story is the tale of Ian, the author’s son, that is told through the eyes of the family dog, Sonny. It is written in easy to understand english and portrays a happy, healthy life that gets turned around and eventually ends in tragedy. I taught this short story to two classes of 6th graders who literally gobbled it up. They loved reading about Ian’s life, finding the signs where his life began to go astray, and culminating in how could he have avoided his outcome. They paid tribute to Ian and his family and created projects to pass information on to others. It is an excellent tool to teach kids the evils of drugs and how to help them avoid making bad choices. It is a stepping stone for conversation and I highly recommend it to every parent and teacher. It is a much needed book and I commend Ginger Katz for having the guts to write it and bring this message to our youth.
R. Smith
5.0 out of 5 starsA perfect way to being talking with your children about drugs

As the parent of an eleven-year-old, I often felt like our conversations about drugs were only in the abstract. She knew they were “bad,” but I didn’t have a way to make her understand that she would eventually have to face the choice of whether to try drugs. Sunny’s Story was just the tool I needed. After reading it together, she could see the influence that “bad” friends can have and how kids can get into situations that parents can’t just fix. It also gave us the opportunity to discuss why kids push parents away when they need them the most.

This book reaches a critical audience–middle school. The earlier kids start experimenting with drugs, the more likely they will become addicted. Sunny’s Story is able to communicate in simple terms the devastating impact that drugs can have on a young child’s life.

Ronni M. Mclaughlin
5.0 out of 5 starsAn important book every child should read
This important story is about the struggle of a bright teenager who falls victim to heroin and is told from his beloved beagle’s perspective. Written so that students as young as 10 years old could read along with their parents, this story will create a path for open dialogue about substance abuse. The story will make you laugh and cry. The expressions of Sunny in the book show his feelings in such a way that you almost think the dog is human. I strongly recommend this book to teenagers, parents, teachers and students. It makes for a great learning tool in the classroom as well. I highly recommend this book especially to parents as it shows this story can happen to anyone no matter what walk of life. I know because a similar story happened to me. This book is written with simplicity and honesty that will grab the reader no matter what age from beginning to end.
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